How Smoke Away Works

The All Natural Smoke Away stop smoking support system was designed to help your body deal with withdrawal systems as you go through the process of quitting as well as to help remove the chemicals and toxins that have built up in your body while you were a smoker. We have put together a group of all natural easy-to-use components that provide an extra line of defense to assist as you become a non-smoker.

Smoke Away Formula 1

When you start the program, on your first night before you go to bed, you will take the recommended dosage of Formula 1 with some food or milk and get a good nights rest. When you awake you will repeat your dosage of Formula 1 with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will continue this regimen for three days. On the fourth day you will assess your progress. If you are feeling good, try to decrease the dosage by one capsule. If you are not feeling so good, then do not reduce your capsule intake.

Smoke Away Support & Maintenance

On the fifth and sixth days, if you are feeling pretty good, then reduce your capsule intake again, what this means is your body is slowly becoming adjusted to your new found system. Do not forget about the support and maintenance products. At this point you do not want to completely stop taking your dosages, in other words, do not reduce your dosage below one capsule three times a day.

Smoke Away Homeopathic Relief

If you need temporary relief, and chances are you will, simply place three tablets of Smoke Away® Homeopathic Medicine under your tongue as soon as you need them. Take the Formula 2 maintenance formulas as directed. For more information on what else comes with your order, go to the Smoke Away products page for complete directions for usage.

The Smoke Away CD

You should listen to the CD included in each kit sold on this site for at least 14 days. Even after that, continue to use as needed. The audio CD was created to give you encouragement and support, to help get you through the tough times.

The Smoke Away® booklet and audio CD were created to provide valuable information about smoking, health concerns, and most importantly, motivational support. You will be educated about the dangers of smoking and provided guidelines for using Smoke Away®. The audio CD was created to give you encouragement and support to help get you through the tough times.

All Natural Smoke Away Aromatherapy

Another way to fight the cravings is to use the aromatherapy formula. When you feel an urge to smoke, simply rub a small amount under your nose.

All Natural Smoke Away Premium Kit

The Smoke Away Premium kit combines Formula 1, Maintenance, Homeopathic pellets and audio support CD into an easy to use program to give you the advantage you need.

All Natural Smoke Away Premium Plus Kit

The Premium Plus kit has everything in the Premium kit plus a daily vitamin and the Smoke Away aromatherapy formula. For those who have tried before, or who have smoked a very long time, we recommend the Premium Plus kit to give you the extra assistance you need.

Smoke Away Spray Away

Spray Away provides the convenience of a spray and the strength of the homeopathic medicine to help combat urges that arise. Whenever you feel one come on, simply spray 2 or 3 times under your tongue and the fast acting formula goes to work immediately.